About Us

Taslima Karim

Laser Professional BS, MPAS

Owner Taslima “Tas” Karim takes pride in making a positive impact on clients’ lives through her work at Mona-Laser. Born in Bangladesh, raised in London, and a Texas resident of 34 years, Tas brings a unique cultural perspective allowing her to connect with all types of people. She has a Masters in Physician Assistant studies which gave her a solid foundation in medicine and physiology. five years ago, Tas opened Mona-Laser MedSpa in honor of her mother, Mona. It was then that she began to pursue her dream of helping others gain confidence and a sense of empowerment through aesthetic treatments and procedures. Her team of well trained, state certified laser professionals has built a space where people can feel confident and satisfied. The spa shares her commitment in providing outstanding services and extensive knowledge in procedures. Free consultations lead to personalized treatment plans that utilize top of the line lasers, equipment, and skin care products

Dr. Gregg Reger


Gregg Reger MD, is the founder of the Vein and Skin Specialists, in The Woodlands since 2005. With over 20 years of experience, his practice includes the evaluation and treatment of veins and skin disorders. Dr. Reger and his fully trained medical staff are committed to excellent patient care in Skin Evaluation and Treatments. Dr. Reger’s relaxed demeanor, willingness to offer thorough body/skin consultations and to fully explain procedures to patients. We are honored to have him as the medical director for Mona-Laser MedSpa.

Bobbi Gordon

Laser Technician

Bobbi has been a certified Esthetician and Laser Technician since 2007. She served our country in United States Marine Corps, and after her time serving she found a passion caring for skin and working with lasers. Bobbi is a mom of 4 and a wife to a very supportive and loving husband. She delights in learning and expanding her knowledge in the field of esthetics. She also enjoys taking care of and serving her clients while keeping their skin care goals and health as her top priorities.


Laser Professional, Aesthetician

Bruna has been in the beauty industry as an Esthetician and Laser Hair Removal professional for 7 years. She is passionate about helping people to achieve their aesthetic goals therefore making them feeling confident and happy about themselves. In her time off she likes to hang out with her fur baby and her husband, meditate, hike and discover new things and different foods.

Tini Isaac


Mona-Laser MedSpa is honored to have Tini as supervising Nurse Practitioner. She specializes in family medicine and now introduced Life Drip infusion Therapy at Mona-laser MedSpa. Tini is very respectable and takes care of physicals and clearance of All procedures conducted at the medical spa. She is board certified and a hardworking, experienced medical professional.